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(Aftermath S01) All Episodes [ हिन्दी Dubbed] 2016 Hollywood TV Series .


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Aftermath S01 [Hindi Dubbed]

  • Series Name: Aftermath (Season 1)
  • IMDb Rating: 4.9/10
  • Quality: 720p (HD)
  • Language: Hindi Dubbed (ORG 2.0 DD)
  • Creator: Glenn Davis, William Laurin
  • Stars: James Tupper, Anne Heche, Levi Meaden
  • Genres: Drama | Sci-Fi

Aftermath is a 2016 Canadian Science Fiction Television Series  ,
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Aftermath Season 1 (Hindi Dubbed) All Episodes [TV Series] :

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Aftermath Season 1 (TV Series)
Single Episodes Link:

Episode 1 – “RVL 6768”

E01 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 2 – “In Rats Alley”

E02 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 3 – “In Our Empty Rooms”

E03 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 4 – “Fever of the Bone”

E04 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 5 – “A Clatter and a Chatter”

E05 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 6 – “Madame Sosostris”

E06 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 7 – “What the Thunder Said”

E07 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 8 – “Here Is No Water but Only Rock”

E08 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 9 – “The Barbarous King”

E09 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 10 – “Hieronymo’s Mad Againe”

E10 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 11 – “Where the Dead Men Lost Their Bones”

E11 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 12 – “Now That We Talk of Dying”

E12 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

Episode 13 – “Whispers of Immortality”

E13 720p / GD || 480p / GD || Direct

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Aftermath (Season 1) (2016) – Storyline:

Aftermath (2016 TV Series): The series is centered on the Copeland family, a couple and their three young adult children, who struggle to survive as natural disasters, followed by the rise of supernatural beings, bring civilization to an end. The Copelands begin their journey in North Pasco, Washington and head towards Yakima in an RV, looking to survive such events as disastrous weather, unscrupulous humans, and supernatural freaks roaming the area.

When civilization reaches its apocalyptic end, the Copeland family survives the end of the world as they know it, but what will the new world be like? Turns out it’s scary, with supernatural creatures, massive storms and a plague among the things that the Copelands must deal with while facing the rapid decline of the new civilization around them. Patriarch Joshua’s study of world cultures comes in handy when he has to help his family survive in the new world as wife Karen, a former Air Force pilot, draws upon her combat skills and survival training to protect her loved ones.

Aftermath (Season 1) More Info:

ऐफ्टर्मैथ सीज़न 1 Now Ready to Download & Stream on सिर्फ़ KatMovieHD पर  .

Aftermath is a Canadian TV series. The first season, consisting of 13 episodes, aired initially in September 2016 on Syfy in the United States and on Space in Canada | Syfy and Space canceled the show after one season.

‘Aftermath (Season 1) 2016’: TV Review :

Many other posters have described just how bad it is so I won’t bother recapping things. Just accept it — it’s really, really bad.

But… it’s so bad that it’s funny in a Mystery Science Theatre 3000 sort of way. You just have to sit back and try to imagine which direction the next silly plot fork will go. Will the family really be stupid enough to do what the plot is leading them towards, or will they show some rare sign of above-70-IQ intelligence? Oh, it looks like the “smart” daughter is going to say something… how many different physical laws will her pronouncement violate? Oh boy, a big nasty is coming towards “mom”… will she waste it, reason with it, or run away. It really doesn’t matter what happens, the chances are good that it will make no sense and lead to laughter along the lines of, “Who gave these people money to make this?” and “Maybe I can get in on the gravy train?”

After Math Season 1 Complete [ हिंदी Dubbed ] 2016 TV Series .

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